Mirror of God

( There is a tradition in Hinduism of showing the mirror to image of God after decoration to view itself into the mirror …… this is self-reflection or self actualization )

Can you see your own image without mirror?

Even I cannot see my own image without mirror,


thing which is truth for you is truth for me also.

I  am  the creator  of  nature .

Nature is  my  image ……… Nature  is  the  cosmic  world  .

I  always  exist …………..  nature  creates and  destroys  itself .

I  am  you …………….  nature  is  your  body .

I am  very  simple…………….  nature  is  very complex .

Like I am inside…………. like I am outside.

I want to be happy to see my clean image of creation for that I give everything a mirror inside


the possibility for every one of you to keep this mirror clean


when mirror is clean , I am with you .

I  can  see  myself  through  you ,  you  are  my  medium ,  


body  is  your medium .

A paragraph from book ” OWN ZERO “

( click above to view the book )

Mirror is coming together of transparent glass and non transparent silver coating , in the similar principle the yoga or union  of Soul ( transparent and timeless ) with body ( non transparent and in time ) forms the mirror inside , so to be able to become Mirror of God is true  purpose of life .

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share


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