God = dance eternal

Image credits : http://theberry.com/

Ray thinking separate from other ray is ignorance and feeling connected is wisdom.


5 thoughts on “God = dance eternal

  1. I have really been so busy with day to day work, sorry I have not been around,….know that I always see you posts…read and want to send you love…your spirit’s warm, kind and so loving…thanks from the heart xxx

    • divine…..it takes me hours before some lines appear…….and poems of wisdom flows from your blog……..everyday….and you answer every comment…..to be honest with you ….your’s was one of the blog …….inspired me to write…..with gratitude and love ….

  2. Dear Ram, Masters could see happiness in simple things… Divine .. cute and made me smile… Many thanks for greatness of love lives in you and flows from……
    blessing serena

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