Yoga = science of oneness

Atheist is like a child holding right hand….a scientist of logical intelligence ……left brain and the theist is like a child holding left hand …… a scientist of emotional intelligence ….right brain and mother is holding them like cosmic intelligence ….. mind of God ……  everyone’s childhood friend.

7 thoughts on “Yoga = science of oneness

  1. I think the atheistic scientist is also one of great emotional distress. Thinking with his logical mind first, his emotional response to God is varied and skeptical. Hoping inwardly that God is real he tests theories and evidence to find notions of him. Finding the worldly evidence can only infer God indirectly, he cannot be logically inconsistent in ignoring other possibilities. Because, in his mind, those possibilities are just as legitimate or more so, he is disinclined to believe in God. God is not “needed” in the world, but the feeling that God is needed in the heart the atheistic scientist cannot escape. A tug of war takes place in the heart. For, if God was real, great purpose and meaning and value could be attributed to man beyond the mere contrivings of men. It would seem that God has made it completely voluntary to believe in him. Man can see in his heart and in nature what he wants to see. And, in so doing, has made it possible for the very young up to the very old to believe him if they want, unless man is trapped in a prison of his own making, unable to see past his own intelligence.

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