Gift of God

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Cakes and pastries are creativity.


creativity is gift of God .

be creative in everything….

everything will have taste of God ….

pure happiness.

Love all.

(c) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share.


6 thoughts on “Gift of God

    • divine….. in India we have a offering to God…known as annakut… is like a festival of different sweets and food cooked to offer to God… is a spiritual prayer…for God to taste different food articles it has created and human creativity to say …thank you God..

      so I thank you trishaji….
      love all..

    • divine and dear Serenaji …… we all are here in a dinner party where we all come in different costumes for divine dance and drama….. and you are painting with poem the whole scene ….
      love all…

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