ram0ram happiness notes = 28

Silent conversations with nature……..

is a long chat with God……

love all.


5 thoughts on “ram0ram happiness notes = 28

    • divine trishaji… all music have sound and silence…. as silence of inner soul increases the wave length of music decreases and music make you travel from time to timelessness…. so a great musician can make you listen only one line for hours together… and God is zero …which is neutral in nature so is water…. so music love and nature are the finest medium to connect with God… silence of inner soul comes only with departure of ego…. many times very famous musician get carried away with the media attention and their music remains only sound.
      that is the reason most of the fine art works , poetry, temples do not have signature of artist as they always dedicated their work as grace of God….
      your work also has a fragrance of divine… be that way…..much more to be downloaded still from divine…. be a witness to this divine drama…
      love all..

    • dear and divine Serena… communication in silence happens in a dimension of eternity… and you have started to understand language of silence…. with time it will unfold more and more… be in prayer and without ego….. just be with God…

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