Yoga = science of oneness

Oneness inside mirrors everything ….. mirroring is a process of oneness with transparent soul and non transparent body…..  mirroring is a long chat with God….  everyone’s childhood friend.


6 thoughts on “Yoga = science of oneness

    • dear and divine…. for my one line you always find good words….. and for your beautiful poems….. I cannot find words….. it happens when eternal silence speaks…. that is the magic your drawings and writing have…. thank you…
      love all…

  1. Dear Ram… they are times mirroring doesn’t create balance in the world matter… while soul is one with God… body seems disconnected… what is your insight dear friend? Much appreciated Serena

    • divine and dear Serena… thank you….please answer few questions…. one…do you watch any sport …like football or tennis or play…
      I want you to explore this answer in our small conversations …..because you know the answer but it is in between the pages of informations..
      you will like this informal way..
      love all…


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