Presence of God

Flowering of soul lightens sensitiveness


all senses



everywhere presence


God .

(c) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share.


5 thoughts on “Presence of God

  1. Truth again, a very beautiful truth. I love these small visions in reality, which we may have slipped otherwise.

    thanks for this journey into self realization with God.

    • dear and divine trishaji….. we all know God and experience the oneness in sleep ….when we have a slumber sleep…. starting with dream state to deep oneness … if we can experience the same timelessness that means neither in time nor out of time…. in the day time we call it enlightenment…. every thing which comes into creation transmit waves ….. of the creator…. as we give up the ego…. timelessness comes into creation….that is happening with your poetry…. be that way …. let cosmic intelligence express through you…. you are a kind soul and wise human….. sincerely appreciate your visits and comments…. many time acknowledge this on your blog… if do not acknowledge on all your comments ….please forgive me….
      love all…

  2. senses all……knows….no obligation….water settles…love all
    Sun shines….rain falls…all together….making one…moons light
    my friend… Ram, dear friend, please do not worry…come what will
    Peace,Love and Joy

  3. Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
    no light and no land anywhere,
    cloudcover thick. I try to stay
    just above the surface,
    yet I’m already under
    and living with the ocean.
    Thank you Ram.

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