ram0ram’s happiness notes…… 485

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Time and timelessness together……. Love Game of God.


10 thoughts on “ram0ram’s happiness notes…… 485

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  2. Love is the only game
    only lesson
    only energy
    I want in my life.

    Thank you as always for your wisdom and the skill of illustrating these thoughts so well. hugs, pat

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  5. God, the silent playmate….us, the empty passage…love is the reality of the game… stands in the middle of time and timeless grounds. Dear Ram… forgive my absent from your teachings… laptop still in travel between home and hospital… and a poet engaged in redocaration of her home… it is amazing how time and experience teach us to access higher consciousness and see the order behind all changes….thank you for changing my life everyday by your love and wisdom….in deep gratitude

    • dear and divine Serena ….. drama divine….. serena the ray…. ram…..also a ray…one ray telling another ray about Sun…. what a mystery God is….known and unknown at the same time…. my gratitude that you are kind …..be that way…
      love all…

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