Mind of God = ram0ram footnote = 26

mind of God


Mind of God series….

This series will explore many unanswered questions including ….GOD……love ….cosmos …purpose of life and mind of God… human brain and consciousness…..and so on….

and purpose of this series is to give every human courage and freedom to walk on the path of blissful happy life as a modern scientist as well as spiritual scientist so to bring harmony and peace on earth ……

another reason is to understand how our brain works and to make our mind as our friend so to have freedom from negative thinking …..unwanted thoughts and clutters …

and sharing this to all with happiness and love as my sacred duty as a human being and specially for our children ,our grand children and future generations …..

thanks for your time, appreciations , comments and inspirations …..

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……… freedom to right copy and share 

p.s…. through this post ….. my silent gratitude to all as it is not possible for me to acknowledge on every post ….love all.


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