mind of God = ram0ram footnote = 48

Hinduism is also known as Sanatana dharma. The meaning of the word Sanatana is that which has no beginning or end and that which is there always. Dharma refers to the ‘right way of living’ and ‘proper conduct’ in a religious sense. With respect to spirituality, dharma might be considered the way of the higher truths.

Hinduism is the oldest of the world’s faiths and its origins is dated between 10,000 – 7,000 BC in present day India. Hinduism is a dharma or way of life evolved by the great sages and seers of ancient India. Its traditions extend back before recorded history is still a living and growing religion and has Global acceptance and accepts every human following it’s own path and part of a cosmos as one family .

Hinduism is probably the only religion which provides great support for science and scientific discoveries. Most of the modern day inventions can be found in ancient Hindu scriptures. before we continue further on our journey …..


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