Feminine brain ?

Good and God’s morning ….. 

Know where to find the information and how to use it – That’s the secret of success.
(Albert Einstein Quote) 

feminine brain

so how about mind of women and mind of God …..

today is my date to update my page …..Mind of God ……once we understand mind of God ….we can understand mind of a women ….. as both are feminine in nature …. 

and recently I was talking to a friend who heads a large information technology education institute so asked him ……what is the foremost problem of modern times and his reply was ……..management of information ……

and as internet has grown out of proportion …..on every subject there are millions and millions pages …..so it is another problem how to search it …..

so told him why we can not design the super computers on the basis of how our brain works ….. 

human brain is a super computer and at present we are learning more about scientific findings on this page …… brain is our super friend so is our mind and so is mind of God ….. and these all machines are very complex but all are users friendly …..

like machines inside a car …..normal human can not understand but we all can drive with simple understanding of operating it …… 

later in this series we will understand how to operate our brain and mind …… so go through this series and at last we all comes to know how simple and friendly is our brain ,mind and mind of God …..so also a feminine mind …

if you have total freedom to share my pages and if you think it make sense to you …… share it with more friends …… 

sharing is one of the quality of Mind of God and ….. be a mind of God …..share love , peace , silence , happiness ,…….they all comes to you because of sharing ….. 

sharing is feminine …..

with love and gratitude to God and to all my friends everywhere

love all.

(c) freedom to right copy and share….


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