peace for all beings

Inside my happiness, there is no
Pain, there is no fear
And there is certainly no doubt

Inside my happiness, we all live as
One and there is peace
For all beings

by maryam kazmi


5 thoughts on “peace for all beings

  1. Beautiful! You are doing a great service for both the original blogger and for your readers. We are being exposed to bloggers that we might not have found on our own.

    • dear and divine Genie ….everyone is gifted and gifted to communicate with inner silence which reflect in the words one writes ….. this is what I call quality social conversation …… so wants to thank you for your kind words of silence and beauty …purpose of blogging is happiness in writing and happiness in reading …. as you are a happiness expert so learn from you to be a happiness distributor …. love all.

      • Thanks so much! I love, love being called a Happiness Expert. Music to my ears. And of course I love being so happy that I am a radiant positive force for good.

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