happiness ….. the cup of love

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.

Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.

“H.Jackson Browne 

Good and God’s morning ……  

this morning while walking on the circular pathway of Garden ……. normally traffic in India moves on left hand side so there are many who are behind on my side and before my side so we walk clockwise but there are many who walk anti clockwise so cross them two times in one complete circle …….

so wondering when one walk alone there is no rules …. but the moment two comes …… there comes a silent understanding of a smooth flow …. means both follow the left hand drive but both cross each other …..

so true freedom means give a path to others without any obstructions …. without hurting each other …..

in garden …… everyone who comes there comes for happiness and health …… some walk ….some exercise …. some enchant ….some sing …..some clap ….. all like the different flowers of the garden of life and all sing like different birds of the divine ….

there is a saying of in the holy books of Hinduism and must be in all religions …… which are meeting in one place as earth has become a global village ……. so this saying is ….

Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta, Kahi sunahi bahu vidhi sab Santa!

it ‘s meaning in English is …… God is infinite so are the tales so there are infinite ways to tell and listen ……

my mother used to tell God is DAYALU which means kind but ALU means potato also so she will tell ……God is like a kind Potato …….. and it is everyone’s freedom to cook in own way ….. mix spices according to own taste ……so let we all be happy in the kitchen of divine …..

learning to making good herbal and spice Indian tea from my wife ….

she is not only wife but a complete life ……

happiness in my view is like a plate which holds cup of life ….. to drink tea of love 

love all…

(c) ram0ram …… freedom to right copy and share 


2 thoughts on “happiness ….. the cup of love

  1. when i walk i prefer walking facing the traffic, its a habit i formed in Burdwan, its narrow streets were over crowded by bicycles, and it felt smarter to keep an eye on the riders, in case they lose balance 🙂 or deliberately try to hit you taking the advantage of absence of eyes in back of one’s head. small town youngsters are real pranksters.

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