glow of happiness

Grace the world with your glow of happiness

Do not chase happiness 
Search within you 
There are lot many things 
Inside you 
Which have reasons 
To make you happy 
You pursuit or search for happiness outside 

Does not take you anywhere 
As what seemingly has a stock of happiness 
Once you reach or achieve it
You realize that happiness 
Lies further ahead somewhere
And you hunt for happiness 
Takes a new turn 

And this goes on and on 
Only to make you understand 
That you are back in square one
Devoid of happiness, your original search 
Happiness, thus, cannot be anywhere else 
But within you 

Do not be on a stealthy stalk for happiness 
Simply because others do so 
Search within and discover 
The happiness in you 

Do not be on a race for happiness 
But grace the world 
With the glow of 
Happiness within you

text credits :Bashyam Narayanan


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