eternal beauty

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.


you are eternity


you are the mirror.

Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

( 1883 – 1931 )

Artist, poet, and writer

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Can you see your own image without mirror?

Even I cannot see my own image without mirror,


thing which is truth for you is truth for me also.

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I am the creator of nature .

Nature is my image .

Nature is the cosmic world .

I always exist , nature creates and destroys itself .

I am you , nature is your body .

I want to be happy to see my clean image of creation

for that I give everything a mirror inside


the possibility for every one of you to keep this mirror clean


when mirror is clean ,

I am with you .

( quote from Own Zero )

love all

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why mythological stories were made ?

It is difficult to remember a text….but song can be easily remembered… are the stories….and when wisdom of stories gets refined it is mythology….. which is like a Indian Masala film….different people watch a film with different angles……

Like Ganpati….. mythology story of Lord of success … consider name GANPATI….GAN.. means people and PATI… means leader and the word Ganrajaya means Government of people ,democracy or republic….and if one wants to have success one must worship Ganpati…..mythology say …Ganpati has two wives….eternally young….ridhi and sidhi…. for any task one need contemporary resources means ridhi and contemporary knowhow…that is sidhi……and so on …..may be full wisdom text in future posts…

SUN light consists of seven colours this we know only since few hundred years but SUN temple in KORNARK in INDIA built arround 1100 A.D., sun chariot has seven horses representing colours.

mythology was a method of transmission of scientific , social and spiritual wisdom…..and one has a wide choice like we have on internet to choose….from prayer to poems to pages of fiction….

mythology is a universal manual it opens only up to extent of reader’s understanding and as understanding increases or decreases so is the hidden wisdom….. that is the reason we read holy scriptures daily….those who read as ritual it acts as medicine and those read as spiritual acts as meditation……

love all.

p.s…. this is the reason we see films …like Batman…Superman….Spiderman….many films with super women main characters although we all know ….these all are not real only imaginary characters…but reflects one basic nature of human spirit to fight Evil… all times bring their own way of educating people through these films now which earlier used to be achieved through mythological stories….so it is unwise to debate…mythology V/S science as it will be equally unwise to discuss existence of batman through films V/S science …..cosmos is a film in time on canvas of timelessness…..enjoy the film….love all.

Enlightenment = conversations with God = 4

Enlightenment is love one God of your choice inside and love all without choice outside.

Enlightenment = conversations with God = 31

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Enlightenment to remain changeless inside and witness change outside. 

Enlightenment = conversations with God = 32

Enlightenment is totality inside and perfection outside.

Tao Te Jing = 6…..Experience

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 Experience is a riverbed, 
Its source hidden, forever flowing:
Its entrance, the root of the world,
The Way moves within it:
Draw upon it; it will not run dry.

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Wisdom notes =6

Raft along the river of life……witness how different civilizations refer water with totally different names…..but essence of all different names is to quench thirst only…….so is with God……to quench thirst for eternal happiness with every breath is experience .

Tao Te Jing = 5 ……… nature

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Nature is not kind;
It treats all things impartially.
The Sage is not kind,
And treats all people impartially.

Nature is like a bellows,
Empty, yet never ceasing its supply.
The more it moves, the more it yields;
So the sage draws upon experience
And cannot be exhausted.

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wisdom notes = 5

That is infinite, this is infinite;
From That infinite this infinite comes.
From That infinite, this infinite removed or added;
Infinite remains infinite.
Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!
Understanding energy equation of atom we can understand infinite .
as energy equation of atom is zero.  
what is zero on earth?.        
the water……..
calorie zero or neutral in character
so is infinite and sage